Working As A Locum, Don’t Forget To Invoice!

Whilst there are many advantages to locum work (flexibility, above average hourly rates etc etc) you have to remember that you are in effect working for yourself. This comes with responsibilities!

I just know that this is going to ring true with the finance staff of health authorities all over the UK and it has to be said. YOU ARE NOT AN EMPLOYEE OF THE HEALTH AUTHORITY, IN ORDER TO BE PAID YOU MUST PROVIDE AN INVOICE FOR YOUR SERVICES! You may see it as unimportant paper shuffling getting in the way but this is how the world works, you want paying then you need to provide a suitably authorised invoice for payment. I have plenty of first hand experience of this and it used to drive me mad. Phone call from locum :-

Locum – “I haven’t any money this month”
Finance Office – “Have you submitted an invoice for payment”
Locum – “No, I mean err…..can I get a cheque today?”

It either goes 2 ways, all financial regulations get by-passed as a rushed payment is processed leaving staff open to all sorts of audit problems (not to mention tax payers out of pocket) or the locum just doesn’t get paid. Either way it is a problem of your own causing.

You are not an employee and will not be paid as part of the monthly salary run. Either you or the agency you are working for must submit an invoice which can then be processed as any other invoice through the creditors department. It is not the responsibility of government employees to raise your invoice for you, provide templates or anything else. Your agency will do this for you on you submitting your time sheet should you be working for an agency but otherwise the responsibility is firmly on your own shoulders. You are working for yourself, to get paid you must invoice.


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