UK Contractors Want The Conservatives To Win?

Over recent years it appears as though Labour has “had it in” for the UK contracting market. Because of this we thought to run a poll to see just what the feeling was amongst UK contractors. The poll ran for the last 18 months and simply asked “As A UK Contractor Who Would You Like To Win The Next General Election?” Just how one sided the result was shocked us a little, we expected the Conservatives to come out on top but not quite as stringly as we saw.

First of all we should make it clear that this is not a very high trafic website, it is however very well targeted to the contractor market. Over the period of the poll a total of 17 contractors voiced their opinions. Of those seventeen, thirteen of them expressed a preference for the Conservatives to be in power after the next election. Three people would prefer Labour to stay in power and 1 person voted other (the 3rd option was for the Liberal Democrats but not a single person voted for them). I know we are not talking about huge figures but from that and conversations I’ve had I’d say it was indicitive of the feeling amongst the contractor community at the moment.

The big question is will UK contractors get their wish and will the Conservatives win the next General Election?


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