Still Plenty Of Work For IT Contractors?

Despite the ongoing slothness of the UK economy and recent surveys which have shown that expected expenditure on capital projects being way down there appears to still be plenty of work available for IT contractors. I know from personal experience that my friends have not had any trouble finding new contracts over the past 12-18 months.

What could account for this robustness? Perhaps it has to do with the fact that as companies look to make efficencies IT becomes a major part of those cost savings? Automated systems and cutting down on the man hours required to perform certain tasks are an excellent way of making real savings in what you spend month on month. The contractor market in particular can benefit from these efficencies because the last thing companies want to be doing right now is hiring a full time position in order to save a full time position elsewhere. During the boom times of the last 90’s and early 00’s this was common practice. New systems came with new IT staff! It is perhaps for this reason again that traditional database and office integration skills are in high demand. The “get in and get it done” nature of most IT projects have always lended themselves to shorter term contracts as opposed to full time positions and now as efficencies are looked for it’s IT contractors with the right skills that look to be struggling least.

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