Should You Be Looking North?

With the UK contractor market facing many ups and downs at the moment it’s nice to see some better news coming through. The Bank of Scotland’s June report on the employment market has shown some potential relating to contractor opportunities north of the border. With the number of recruiter billings falling there could be a problem in a possible lack of appropriately skilled contractors north of the border. Could this be an opportunity for you?

Whilst IT contractors are still the most in demand sector, engineering and construction isn’t too far behind. Even with the growth of the contractor market slowing the Chief Economist for the Bank of Scotland, Donald MacRae has made the point that the overall situation Scotland is better than that in England. In relation to the Scottish contractor scene more jobs are being advertised than in the permanent market and than in the UK as a whole.

There is no doubt that the contractor market in general is going through a lull so if you’re struggling to pick up your next contract then you could do worse than to look a little bit further afield.


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