Dispute With HMRC? Things Should Get Better

If there’s one thing that annoys self employed people and small business owners it’s the feeling that you’re getting nowhere with HMRC. When a dispute arises, unless you’re very lucky, it’s hard to not feel like you’re banging your head against a brick wall and getting nowhere. With any luck changes announced by HMRC recently should make things a little better in the future!

Disputes should be resolved much quicker thanks to the ADR team (Alternative Dispute Resolution), who as an independent HMRC entity will help resolve any disputes at the compliance check stage, before an assessment is made. It’s hoped that this should help many more disputes to be resolved before they get anywhere near the tribunal stage, saving both time and money and no doubt a huge amount of frustration for small businesses.

The way the world is right now anything that makes government more efficient and cuts costs has to be applauded, the fact that this should help build a better relationship between the tax man and the types of business the UK government is relying on to dig it out of a whole is just a massive added bonus. Will the ADR fulfill its potential? Only time will tell.


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