Could 2012 Be Your Best Year Yet?

April is always seen as a time for upheaval in the employment world and now that’s out of the way, there is little change in regulations and it appears as though things are set to stay settled for another 12 months, could 2012 be your best year yet?

Early indications are that the IT sector is experiencing pay rises again with, great news after several years of stagnant wages. This also creates more opportunities for IT workers to consider the option of self employment and contracting. Amongst many top CEO’s there is no hiding the fact that there is a general feeling that things are slowly beginning to turn around in the UK economy. ECF companies are more inclined to spend money, with cloud computing and SaaS companies seeing major investment coming their way. With this investment comes the opportunity for small companies to grow in a sector that the UK could dominate for many years to come.

With good opportunities on the horizon and a stable legislation environment (for the first time in several years) lets hope for a bumper 2012/2013 for all contractors.


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