Contracting, Who Would You Like To Win The Next General Election?

The results in the recent local elections won’t come as much as a surprise to most people. Labour seem determined to self destruct, punishing the poor and those who take the risk of running a small business in equal measure with economic policy that does little to inspire confidence in the bunch of morons currently running the country. Only those who are truly arrogant and blinkered could be surprised by what happened. They appear to have lost touch with such a great percentage of the population, reinforced by Gordon Brown’s appearance on the BBC on Sunday to let us all know that it is us who have the problem by not “understanding” what a great financial genius he is. Yes Gordon, of course you are right and everybody else is wrong. You’ve spent money based on a falsely inflated property market and low interest rates that have allowed huge amounts of people to borrow way more than they could afford. You encouraged this, now things have turned, the cycle is rotating. Instead of dragging more money from the private sector to fund ridiculous public sector spending what would really help us all out at the moment would be a reduction in the duty on fuel. This would lower the cost of living straight away across the board. The trouble is that without that revenue those that are elected wouldn’t be able to give themselves such big pay rises so for now they’ll keep with the “doing it for the planet” bandwagon.

So the question is what’s the alternative? In my own opinion Labour seems dead set against contractors and the contracting industry as a whole. On the other hand I think it’s a fair bet to say that the Lib Dems may be even worse on those that work hard to earn hard. The Conservatives seem notable by their silence. So as a contractor who would you like to see win the next General Election in the UK?

As A Contractor, Who Would You Like To Win The Next General Election?

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