Computer Contracting Jobs – Government Contract Jobs?

How does someone go about getting government contract jobs. I want to get computer contract jobs and would like to get into government contracting do they post the jobs somewhere that is open to bid on ? Anyone have any Idea ?

Almost any small or large business can contract with the government. and any large companies that sells products (including software) that the government buys is probably already a government contractor. So a government contractor isn't really any different than any employer.

Government also hire computer professionals directly.
For federal IT jobs:… keyword:contract

Government agencies often post their new Requests for Proposals on their websites or in the local newspaper. You can also sign up with a specific government agency to get on their bidders list or plan holders list for computer contracts. How you do that varies from agency to agency. However you find your bids, make sure you check back there frequently – there are often changes made to the Request for Proposals after it's first issued. If you're new to government contracting, check out your local Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC). Here's the national PTAC website: They'll have advice and resources available. Check out the SBA ( for more government contracting advice for small businesses.


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