BN66 Contractor Loses Court Case

A UK contractor who took advantage of a payroll scheme offered by Montpelier in the Isle of Man has lost his court case in which he was trying to have the retrospective element of BN66 classed as unlawful. The argument that this type of retrospective action was against human rights fell on deaf ears.

Robert Huitson an IT contractor had been using the scheme offered by Montpelier for several years but received a tax bill after HMRC changed legislation in 2008. The landmark case was the very first time that a judge had backed the retrospective element of BN66 and has left a great many contractors disappointed, many now face large retrospective tax bills. It’s almost certain that there will be more challenges to BN66 and the UK governments ability to penalise people under new tax legislation retrospectively. It should be noted the fuss and objection that was made by members of parliament when it was announced that expenses rules would be applied retrospectively. It appears as though independent high earners are not afforded the luxury of simply refusing like MPs. The scheme provider in this instance, Montpelier, have vowed to appeal the decision – although it will certainly be some time before this case will be heard by a higher level.

With this ruling it is now more important than ever to make sure that your payroll provider is acting in your best interests. For our recommended payroll solution please follow the link. This solution doesn’t rely on a double taxation agreement so BN66 has no impact.


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