Benefits Of IT Contracting

Benefits IT Contracting In The UK
Just the number of IT professionals that choose to contract rather than work as employees in the UK tells you something, it tells you that being a UK IT Contractor has many benefits over the traditional role of employee for a company!

Greater Pay
In the IT sector in particular the pay differences between contracted work and salaried work can be enormous, the average being two to three times the hourly rate of non contractors.

Greater Choice
Being a contractor allows you to decide on the type of tasks you wish to undertake, if you don’t like what a contract involves then you don’t take that contract. As an IT employee it is not unusual for you to end up also being the person who fixes the chairs, repairs the photocopier and many other “technology” related tasks. Contracting allows IT professionals to choose the work they want to do and be more valued in the process.

Better Knowledge
In the ever changing world of information technology it is essential for the modern professional to be able to learn new skills. In a traditional role within a company many IT staff are stuck doing the same job(s) for years on end and never need or want to learn. Contracting requires that you can offer the skills that are most in demand, this benefits your clients and ensures that most contractors are much more flexible with their knowledge than other IT professionals.

Greater Flexibility
As a self employed UK IT Contractor paid holidays are out but on the other hand by working for yourself you have much greater flexibility when it comes to taking time off. For contractors with family commitments the ability to earn large amounts of money in short spaces of time means that the flexibility is there to enjoy more family time. For many others it is not unusual to work 6 months on and 6 months off. You always have the flexibility to not accept a contract if you’re not actively looking for work.


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