Benefits Of Being A Locum

The Benefits Of Being A Locum In The UK
As a medical professional setting yourself up self employed as a locum has many benefits:-

Locum work is well paid and can be a great way of topping up your salary.
It is a great way of experiencing different places of work.
Can be used to check out an area to see if it is suitable for a permanent position.
The temporary nature of locum works tends to mean that the work is less stressful than that of a full time employee.
You have greater flexibility and freedom when it comes to how you want to work.

In order to find work as a Locum in the UK there are a great many locum agencies that will assign you contracts, alternatively you may choose to circulate your CV and do the hard work yourself. The major downside of being a locum through an agency is that it does remove some of the flexibility.


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